Vasen, vasen, vasen kaks kolme / Left Right Left (2012)

acrylic glass, steel, monologue (10.06 min)
200 x 460 x 460 cm
manuscript and direction: Johannes Lilja
sound planning: Juuso Oksala
reading: Johannes Lilja

One starting point for the installation is the co-operation of the visual artist and the scriptwriter, combining installation and radio play to be a whole, active art experience, which is greater than the sum of its parts. The basic elements are the transparent maze made of acrylic glass and the monologue of the conscientious objector. The installation is based on a true event; the depot in small Finnish town one weekday morning in November 2002, the official evidence gathered by police and the trial, that never happened.

Installation Vasen, vasen, vasen kaks kolme (Left Right Left) was first displayed in the solo exhibition (2012) in Forum Box, Helsinki, Finland. It was also displayed in the contemporary art exhibition from Satakunta region, Rauma, Finland (2014).


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