Kukkaverhot ja ruusutapetti / Flower Curtains And Rose Tapestry (2014)

mixed media, light and shadows
site-specific installation

The installation consists only of a few concrete elements – the main role is played by feelings, atmosphere and the slowly changing shadows. The gallery windows are covered with blackout curtains that have cut, graphical, flower-like diagram patterns in them. Natural light coming from outside recreates the rose diagram patterns, on walls, floor and ceiling of the gallery room – the rose tapestry that changes depending on time of day, weather and so on. Downstairs in the other gallery room are six pencil drawings on millimeter paper. The drawings with the key texts reveal that the diagrams used in the installation are based on statistical data about the domestic violence crimes in Finland collected by the police from 1999-2012.

Installation Kukkaverhot ja ruusutapetti (Flower Curtains And Rose Tapestry) was first displayed in the solo exhibition (2014) in Gallery Å in Turku, Finland.


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