Missä oot? Mitä teet? / Where are U? What are U doing? (2008)

beeswax tapers, SMS messages
installation (ca. 30 x 500 x 500 cm)

Taneli, youngest of my three brothers, completed his civil service 2.7.2007-30.7.2008 in Valamo monastery. I sent an SMS message to Taneli every day during his civil service of 395 days. Taneli's answer messages are printed on the tapers. The messages create the non-stereotypical picture of one civil servant's working days, future plans and free-time with computer games. Tapers are burning one-by-one to honor all the people in the history of the antimilitarism. At the same time with burning tapers also SMS messages are disappearing – what is the meaning of one's choices and conviction in one's own life story?

Missä oot? Mitä teet? (Where are U? What are U doing?) is the last work of a three-part art project, which explores alternatives for compulsory military service in Finland. The other works, installations Isänmaan toivo (Fatherland's Hope) and Credit study the choices of my other brothers, Johannes and Aatos.

Installation Missä oot? Mitä teet? (Where are U? What are U doing?) was first displayed in the solo exhibition Vakaumuksella (2008) in Cable Gallery, Helsinki, Finland. It was also displayed in Lönnström Art Museum, Rauma, Finland (2009/2010). The other installations of the three-part art project were also displayed in these exhibitions.


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