Poliisi | isiiloP (2009)

spray paint, marker, carving, stickers, posters, stamps, acrylic glass, handles, chain
installation (10 shields, each 100 x 60 x 10 cm)

Installation consists of 10 riot shields which hang from the ceiling with chains. The frontline of the shields blocks the passage through the exhibition room. "Poliisi" texts on the shields have been made with different techniques, eg. graffiti. The shields construct a transparent and floating, but still very obvious, interface for the two different ways of seeing the police institution, both concretely and conceptually.

Crime Scene Reconstruction (2009)

spray paint, forms
site-specific installation

"The police tape", which has been stencil painted on the walls with spray, goes around the exhibition room. The stencils have been cut from the forms available at the police stations, for example the driving license application and the firearms license application. Also used stencils and the spray can are parts of the installation. The art work has its starting point in the history of the Lönnström Art Museum building as a former police station.

Installations Poliisi | isiiloP and Crime Scene Reconstruction were first displayed in the scholarship exhibition Grow Up and Get a Life (2009/2010) in Lönnström Art Museum, Rauma, Finland. Poliisi | isiiloP was also displayed in summer exhibition 13x, Pori, Finland (2011) and in Muu Gallery, Helsinki, Finland (2011). In Lönnström Art Museum there were also earlier works - Heroes, Res publica, Missä oot? Mitä teet? (Where are U? What are U doing?), the Freak-installations, Credit, Amen and Isänmaan toivo (Fatherland's Hope).


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