Sukupuolisuhteellista / Sex Relational (2004)

sheeting, blood, embroidery, spangles and pearls, fibreglass
sculptural installation (sculpture beds 45 x 200 x 120 cm)

Every sculpture has its own theme – (1) marriage/same-sex union, (2) having a baby/fertilisation treatment for lesbian couples and (3) rights considering inheritance in hetero/non-hetero families. Decorated blood and embroidery figures make parody of these themes for example by embroidered texts (1) ”Shall we get married?”, ”Would you be my wife?”, (2) ”Should we make a baby?”, ”Shall we have children?”, (3) ”Should we make a will?” and ”Will you keep our home after I’m dead?”.

Installation Sukupuolisuhteellista (Sex Relational) was first displayed in the UIAH's graduate exhibition Masters of Arts 2004 in Cable Factory, Helsinki, Finland. It was also displayed in Porvoo Art Hall, Finland (2005).


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