Heroes (2009)

plaster, textile, pedestals
sculptural installation (14 busts, each ca. 172x50x50 cm)

The installation brings anarchistic rebellion into the art world in the form of classical plaster busts - with black masks over their faces to conceal their identity. Stepping into the installation space, the viewer unavoidably becomes part of the medley of heroes; there is no room left in the space to remain an outsider. The theme of the installation is not on the object of rebellion, but the possibility, means and practices of challenge and resistance.

Installation Heroes was first displayed in the solo exhibition Heroes (2009) in Muu Gallery, Helsinki, Finland. It was also displayed in Gallery G18, Helsinki, Finland (2009), in Taidehalli, Helsinki, Finland (2009/2010) and in Lönnström Art Museum, Rauma, Finland (2009/2010).

Solo exhibition Sankareita (Heroes) on the web pages of Muu Gallery


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