Isänmaan toivo / Fatherland’s Hope (2003)

video, electric cables, postcards
installation (ca. 300 x 500 x 350 cm)

My eldest little brother, Toivo Johannes, prisoner number 228/03, completed his sentence of 197 days that followed from total objection 24.7.2003 - 10.2.2004. Installation consists of a video interview made in Johannes’ cell in Köyliö Prison, ground plan of the cell made with electric cables and postcards I sent to Johannes every day while he was in prison. In these postcards there are headlines concerning war, army, military service, terrorism etc. from Helsingin Sanomat (SanomaWSOY), Radio Suomi (YLE) and MTV3 (Almamedia). Installation describes conviction, relationship between state and individual and the effects that distorted information has in the society.

Isänmaan toivo (Fatherland's Hope) is the first work of a three-part part project which explores alternatives for compulsory military service in Finland. The other works, installation Credit and Missä oot? Mitä teet? (Where are U? What are U doing?) study the choices of my younger brothers, Aatos and Taneli.

Installation Isänmaan toivo (Fatherland's Hope) was first displayed in the group exhibition of UIAH's Pallas-students called puristamo (2003) in Cable Factory, Helsinki, Finland. It was also displayed in Cable Gallery, Helsinki, Finland (2008) and in Lönnström Art Museum, Rauma, Finland (2009/2010).

Johannes' prison diary (in Finnish)


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