Credit (2006)

bank statements, marker
installation (ca. 100 x 800 cm)

Aatos, second of my three brothers, completed his civil service 6.6.2005-5.7.2006 in the emergency room of Joensuu City Hospital. I paid a specific amount of money to Aatos’ bank account every day during his civil service of 395 days. My installation consists of both mine and Aatos’ bank statements from June 2005 to July 2006. I have underlined and out-crossed parts of the original bank statements. Installation studies public questions concerning national defence and its alternatives, safety based on weapons and rights and responsibilities of a citizen through private act. With my work I want to weigh up the value of principals and ethical conviction by means given by the society for this intention.

Credit is the second work of a three-part art project, which explores alternatives for compulsory military service in Finland. The other works, installations Isänmaan toivo (Fatherland's Hope) and Missä oot? Mitä teet? (Where are U? What are U doing?) study the choices of my other brothers, Johannes and Taneli.

Installation Credit was first displayed in the solo exhibition Ote ajasta (2006) in Rauma Art Museum, Finland. It was also displayed in Art Generation Space in Porin Puuvilla, Pori, Finland (2007), in Cable Gallery, Helsinki, Finland (2008) and in Lönnström Art Museum, Rauma, Finland (2009/2010).


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