Mustaa valkoisella / Black on White (2011)

newspaper, spray paint
installation (7 newspaper rolls, each 160 cm wide)

The starting point of the installation is the obituaries of certain deceased Finnish artists, as poet Isa Asp, author and poet Eeva-Liisa Manner and author, illustrator and painter Tove Jansson. The obituaries have been published in Finnish newspapers during 19th-21th centuries. What and how they tell about artists’ private life? What can be read behind the conventions or between the lines? Is it possibly to question the heteronorm by studying the obituaries and repeating them slightly differently? I have copied the text extracts concerning the private life of the artists on broad newspaper rolls. I have used the original texts and fonts, only in bigger scale and by different technique – cut stencils, spray paint and the shadows of the texts on the gallery walls.

Installation Mustaa valkoisella (Black on White) was first displayed in the solo exhibition (2011) in Titanik Gallery, Turku, Finland. It was also displayed in summer exhibition 13x, Pori, Finland (2011).


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